Keeping Your Money Safe: Avoiding Mortgage Wire Fraud

Keeping Your Money Safe: Avoiding Mortgage Wire Fraud

By ProVisor

The team at ProVisor, Inc. regularly takes steps to protect your personal, financial and transaction related information. We partner only with approved, experienced and well vetted service providers. Mortgage wire fraud is something we work hard to avoid and not something we commonly see. However, we want to keep you informed so you can be vigilant, too.

Perpetrators of mortgage scams sometimes send spoofed emails or make calls requesting changes to the closing process. They’ve even been known to make their requests more believable by using names and information involved in the actual closing transaction.

How can you protect your self?

It’s not likely to happen, but if you receive an email or phone call requesting last minute changes for submitting closing funds, please be wary. Do not take any action unless you receive verbal confirmation in a call you initiate to our team or another professional you trust.

Our goal is always to secure your home financing efficiently so you can move on to accomplishing your goals. Any time you have questions about the process, please reach out. We’ll be glad to help.