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Ritchie Baumann of ProVisor Inc. in Watertown, Wisconsin

Ritchie Baumann

Branch Manager & Senior Loan Officer

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About Ritchie

Here is what I believe in when it comes to helping you:
House To Home - You want a mortgage because you want a house to call home. A house is shingles, carpet, windows, siding, doors, etc. If you are like me, those things are not really the exciting stuff about a house. The exciting part about owning a house is creating memories with the people you live life with in the house, and the memories will build year after year as you own that house. How you pay for a house is part of it being your home.
Teaching - My service to you is to be a teacher of how mortgages work so that you may have peace knowing you made a great decision.
Transparency – You should know all your loan options and why you do or do not qualify for each. There are options for types of mortgages and features for each mortgage type that could help you. I look at those features as a puzzle create a great mortgage for you. You should also know the purpose of each fee you pay to obtain a loan. It’s not right that you are only told these things and not given a choice. After all it is your money.
Problem Solver – The #1 skill you should look for in a mortgage company and a loan officer is their ability to solve problems. We all wish our lives never had hurdles. But hurdles happen. When obtaining a mortgage, the things that have happened in your life may affect your ability to obtain a mortgage. Knowing how to guide you through those hurdles and solve the problem is key to obtaining a mortgage.
Communication – This sounds simple, but for whatever reason it does not happen in every business. I believe in keeping you informed and involved in the process of obtaining a mortgage to help you buy a house to call home.
People – Real people contact me with a desire to buy a house. You are not a number even though we talk numbers. You just want someone who cares so you can get a house to call home where you can create memories with family and friends.

Ritchie Baumann
Ritchie Baumann
Ritchie Baumann

Client Testimonials

"Couldn’t be happier with such a smooth buying process."

"All of my questions answered particularly by Ritchie with professionalism, quickly, and clearly a lot of experience. Great communicator, amazing at his job! No doubts we will be working with Ritchie again in the future!" -J.P.

"Just closed on a house with help from ProVisor, I'm very happy"

"The lending process was very smooth. I had very limited knowledge of buying a home, but thanks to Ritchie Baumann and his team I am finally a home owner". -J.G.

Our Transparent Mortgage Solutions

First Time

We can help answer all of your questions about buying your first home.


Save money by lowering your interest rate or monthly mortgage payment.


Available with ProVisor with either fixed rates or adjustable rates to save you money.

FHA Loans

Qualify for a government insured FHA loan with a credit score as low as 580.


Offered to low and moderate-level income home-buyers within Wisconsin.

VA Loans

For veterans and surviving spouses with lower interest rates & no downpayment.

USDA Loans

Government insured loan for homes in a rural area with 100% financing.

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