Jeff Grieshammer of ProVisor Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin

Jeff Grieshammer

Senior Loan Officer


WI License: 263742

(608) 227-2011
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About Jeff

Jeff is a Madison native and has been working in the Madison area market since 1998. Jeff has a passion and excitement for the mortgage industry and making sure his borrowers are well educated about the home buying process before they start shopping for their home. Jeff is a professional who cares a great deal for his relationships with his clients and the professional partners who help him create a great home purchase or refinance experience.

Client Testimonials

"Jeff is the greatest guy..."

"This is what people look for in a lender that's not just out for your money! Jeff Grieshammer is the greatest guy I've worked with on my house. He always picked up the phone no matter what. He will call you during the week to make sure everything is going alright and update you on your purchases. If you're looking for home lending, drop this guy a line!!!" - A.A.

"Jeff Grieshammer was my VA lender. There's quite a few things he did to set himself far above your normal lenders"

"He worked with me on a Friday afternoon, early Saturday to get me an approval letter so I can make an offer on a home. From the start to the finish of my buying experience, He was the go-to person. I spoke to him more often than I spoke to my real estate agent. He even helped move my closing date up. Hands down one of the best lenders I've worked with.
Thanks again Jeff for your help". -N.K.

Our Transparent Mortgage Solutions

First Time

We can help answer all of your questions about buying your first home.


Save money by lowering your interest rate or monthly mortgage payment.


Available with ProVisor with either fixed rates or adjustable rates to save you money.

FHA Loans

Qualify for a government insured FHA loan with a credit score as low as 580.


Offered to low and moderate-level income home-buyers within Wisconsin.

VA Loans

For veterans and surviving spouses with lower interest rates & no downpayment.

USDA Loans

Government insured loan for homes in a rural area with 100% financing.