James Mercado of ProVisor, Inc. in Brookfield, WI

James Mercado

President & CEO


CO License: 100535613
FL License: LO68976
IA License: 49797
ID License: MLO-2080241743
IL License: 31.0043026
MI License: 241743
MN License: MN-MLO-241743
ND License: NDMLO241743
SD License: 241743.MLO
TX License: 241743
WA License: MLO-241743
WI License: 6575

(262) 754-3333
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Our Transparent Mortgage Solutions

First Time

We can help answer all of your questions about buying your first home.


Save money by lowering your interest rate or monthly mortgage payment.


Available with ProVisor with either fixed rates or adjustable rates to save you money.

FHA Loans

Qualify for a government insured FHA loan with a credit score as low as 580.


Offered to low and moderate-level income home-buyers within Wisconsin.

VA Loans

For veterans and surviving spouses with lower interest rates & no downpayment.

USDA Loans

Government insured loan for homes in a rural area with 100% financing.

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