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Reasons To Refinance Your Home

ProVisor shares why to refinance your house for a lower rate in Milwaukee, Madison and Waukesha

You have been approved for a loan and are loving every moment of being a homeowner. Now that you have been living in your home for more than a handful of years, you may be thinking about ways you can save on your mortgage. Mortgages can be one of your highest expenses out of all your bills. If you are looking to save by lowering your mortgage cost, here are reasons why you should start now.

To lower your mortgage cost, you will unsurprisingly have to refinance through a mortgage lender. There are lots of ways to refinance, which begin by simply setting an appointment with your mortgage lender. You may also find other mortgage lenders available with lower costs to take over your current mortgage loan. At ProVisor, we are here to walk you through the home refinancing process throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, and the Midwest.

After refinancing, you can receive a lower interest rate on your mortgage loan. A lower interest rate may vary depending on how soon or late you decide to refinance. By initially sticking with your current loan for a longer number of years than shorter, you’ll have a greater chance of receiving a significantly lower interest rate. The sooner you refinance, the amount might barely make a dent. Too soon, you’ll most likely be denied for your request. To lower your interest rate, it will also depend on additional factors like your current credit score, payment history, and the current market. A significantly lower interest rate can help save you up to thousands, giving you a great opportunity to remodel your home, invest, or save towards your children’s future, retirement, etc.

By refinancing, you may also be able to reduce the amount you pay monthly towards your mortgage. This is possible by lowering your interest rate or by choosing a longer contract that extends your loan date. By extending your contract, overall, you may be paying a greater total for your mortgage loan due to paying interests for a longer period. But by doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to pay a lower monthly cost, for a longer period, allowing you to have more money in your wallet per month.

Instead of refinancing for a longer term, you may refinance for a shorter term. By refinancing for a shorter term, you will have the opportunity to have a lower interest rate and pay off your mortgage loan sooner. This also means you could be paying a greater amount towards your mortgage loan per month. To do so, you will need to refinance your contract from your current term agreement to a lower one.

There are also additional options like a cash-out refinance which allows you to borrow enough money to pay off your old loan with a little extra cash to spare. With that extra cash, you can use the money for whatever you would like. With a cash-out refinance on your mortgage, you can usually borrow up to 80% of your equity (the market value for the amount of your home you own). But if you choose a cash-out refinance for an investment, like a home, you’re trading in equity for more debt and putting yourself in a riskier situation. If you decide to refinance for a cash-out, consider the effects as it does increases your debt. It may seem beneficial to have extra cash, it’s dangerous to take out more than you can afford to pay back. 

You may also refinance the type of mortgage loan that you originally agreed on. Refinancing can allow you to change from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage or any other type of mortgage loan. There are plenty types of mortgage loan agreements and refinancing to one that fits your lifestyle better can really make a difference.

Refinancing is a simple solution to helping your mortgage loan payments. Since you are not allowed to refinance at any given opportunity, take the time to consider all the pros and cons of every option. Be aware that there are costs associated with refinancing a loan since you’re essentially taking out an entirely new loan and can be charged multiple fees. Do those fees outweigh the benefits from refinancing? Are you truly saving enough to be refinancing at this time? Is this the home you see yourself living in with a longer mortgage loan term? All questions to consider before refinancing your mortgage loan.

ProVisor is your mortgage loan provider that can help you answer all your refinancing questions. We are a team of mortgage lender professionals looking to help benefit those who are ready to start the next chapter of their life with a new or existing home. Contact ProVisor today to schedule your first appointment on home refinancing in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, East Troy, Waterford, and surrounding Wisconsin and Midwest areas!